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AYLES FERNIE manufactures a comprehensive range of standard marine dispersant application systems for operation from Tugs, Supply Vessels and Workboats of all sizes. Marine dispersant systems are supplied with spray arms or the new alternative to spray arms, the AFEDOTM Nozzle. AYLES FERNIE also manufactures the NIMBUS aerial dispersant application system for operation from the Lockheed L382G "Hercules" aircraft. Customers are able to customize their systems to suit specific operational requirements by selecting from an extensive range of "options" available for all standard equipment. For more product information click on Products.

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AYLES FERNIE INTERNATIONAL LTD is a world leader in the design and manufacture of marine and aircraft oil dispersant spray systems. The company is based in modern light industrial premises in the UK where sales, design and manufacturing facilities are operated under an ISO 9001 Quality Management System. The company supplies systems to a large variety of customers world wide including oil companies, oil spill responders, shipyards, ship operators, ports & harbours and many more.

The company is at the forefront in the design and development of new dispersant application equipment and the new AFEDOTM Nozzle typifies the inventiveness and market orientation of this modern business


AYLES FERNIE provides equipment specific training together with general training courses on dispersants and dispersant application techniques. These courses are arranged on a case by case basis to meet specific customer requirements.

System Selection

AYLES FERNIE sales staff noticed that customers are often unfamiliar with dispersants and the equipment designed to apply dispersants effectively. As a result we spend some time advising on the subject in order to assist our customers to make informed choices on their system requirements. To provide some standard advice on this subject we can provide general selection advice. Please contact us by checking the "Dispersant Spray System Selection" box on our contact us page.

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