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Nimbus C-295 Operator Training Contract

AYLES FERNIE INTERNATIONAL has been contracted by Airbus Defence & Space to provide Operator Training on the NIMBUS C295 systems which were delivered to the end user in 2014. 

Nimbus C295 Flight Testing

The Operator Training will comprise a 10 day course for Ground Crew, Loadmasters and Pilots to cover;

  • Dispersant Theory and Aerial Dispersant Application Techniques
  • System Description & Familiarisation
  • Use of Ground Support Equipment
  • System Installation
  • Loading and Handling of Dispersant
  • Ground Operation and Handling Emergencies
  • In Flight Operation using Training & Realistic Flight Profiles
  • Drain Down & Removal
  • Systems Maintenance & Storage

Nimbus C295 Pump Module

The Ayles Fernie Managing Director, Bill Fernie and fellow Instructor, John Hughes, are pleased that the end user has requested this comprehensive training course as it will ensure that the NIMBUS C295 system is introduced into service both safely and effectively.

Photos courtesy of Airbus Defence & Space

By Bill Fernie on 8th April, 2015

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