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Ayles Fernie is recognised as the world leader in the design and manufacture of
Marine and Aircraft
Oil Dispersant Spray Systems

About Ayles Fernie

Ayles Fernie International Ltd, specialises in the design and manufacture of Oil Dispersant Spray Systems. Recognised as World Leaders in this field, the company has been established for over 20 years and supplies a full range of ship, aircraft and helicopter mounted spray systems together with approved low toxicity type 2/3 dispersants.

In addition to offering a comprehensive range of standard products, the Ayles Fernie design team of experienced engineers regularly work with Naval Architects, Shipyards and Oil Pollution Control organisations world-wide to develop specialised and often sophisticated dispersant spray systems.

Marine Systems

Dispersant spray systems for marine applications are supplied in the form of diesel powered portable units (BOATSPRAY and ECOSPRAY) or electric installed systems (CLEARSPRAY).

These systems are available in a variety of sizes and are offered with a comprehensive range of options which allow us to configure the system to meet specific customer requirements.

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Aircraft Systems

Aircraft dispersant spray systems are designed and certified for specific aircraft types and models. Our fixed wing aircraft systems are called NIMBUS and each individual system takes the name of the aircraft for which it is certified.

Current systems which have been delivered include the NIMBUS L382G for the Lockheed L382G “Hercules” aircraft and the NIMBUS C295 for the Airbus C295. Other NIMBUS systems are at the design stage.

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Application Devices

AYLES FERNIE have a range of application devices available for use with our Marine Oil Dispersant Spray Systems.

AFEDO™ Nozzles, Spray Arms and Hand Lances; depending on your individual requirements we can advise which would be most suitable.

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Design & Projects

The Ayles Fernie Design Team is involved in many on-going design projects for the improvement of existing systems and equipment or the development of entirely new systems. The company is equipped with modern 3-D CAD facilities and other software tools for Finite Element Analysis and Pipeline Flow Analysis for example.

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Training & Consultancy

The company is frequently requested to provide training on Ayles Fernie equipment and this is often combined with commissioning activities. In addition, Consultancy projects are undertaken on general oil spill response and other technical subjects.

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