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About Ayles Fernie

Ayles Fernie International Ltd (AFI) is a design and manufacturing business located in Kent, UK some 30 miles South East of London. The company was established in 1994 following the acquisition of Frank Ayles & Associated by the prevoius Managing Director, Bill Fernie. In October 2013, the Ayles Fernie Business was acquired by Darcy Products and this acquisition will secure the future of Ayles Fernie which will continue to specialise in the dispersant spray system business as well as developing new opportunities via the association with the Darcy parent company.  Otherwise the Ayles Fernie business and staff remain but with the addition of some key Darcy staff to increase the staffing levels in support of the growing level of business.

Richard Proctor, the Darcy Managing Director and Group Managing Director has expressed his enthusiasm for the acquisition of Ayles Fernie and “is looking forward to a very bright future for the Group and particularly growing the design and manufacturing capabilities by taking advantage of the Ayles Fernie design and manufacturing expertise”.

Dispersant Spray System Specialist.

Ayles Fernie is the only company in the World to specialise in Oil Dispersant Spray Systems with the manufacture of both Marine and Aircraft systems. All products are designed and manufactured in-house and SolidWorks 3-D CAD and other specialised software provides an effective tool for the Design Team to develop new and more sophisticated designs.

New NIMBUS Designs.

As dispersant becomes increasingly accepted as an oil spill response technique, there is an increasing demand on the Ayles Fernie team to develop new and more effective spray equipment.  This demand is also reflected in the aviation sector and the design and delivery of the new NIMBUS C295 system is evidence of this developing sector.  Ayles Fernie is now embarking of a further NIMBUS design for the popular Lockheed C-130J aircraft and its civilian equivalent; the Lockheed L100J.


Marine System Developments.

The development of new products also continues in the Marine sector with the development of retractable spray arms for enclosed foredeck vessels.  As offshore oil exploration and production moves further offshore into even more inhospitable seas, the shipping now tends to feature enclosed foredecks which is the position most favoured for dispersant spray arms.  Ayles Fernie will be delivering their first retractable spray arms for this type of vessel in late 2014.

Ayles Fernie, like any successful business, depends on high quality staff with appropriate experience, skills and qualifications.  Exporting over 90% of their systems, the team is familiar and experienced in handling orders from all corners of the Globe – a feature of the business which is both varied, challenging and enjoyable.