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NIMBUS is a UK Patented (GB 2348383) concept for a modular aerial dispersant spray system for operation from aircraft equipped with a rear cargo ramp and which requires minimal (or no) modification to the aircraft.  Current NIMBUS systems have been designed and certificated for the Lockheed L382G “Hercules” aircraft and this webpage describes the NIMBUS system for the AIRBUS C295 aircraft.

The NIMBUS C295 system comprises 3 light weight Tank Modules with a total capacity of 6000 litres and a combined Spray Arm/Pump Module which is powered from the aircraft’s 3-phase electrical supply.  Designed in close co-operation with Airbus Defence & Space for easy installation on the standard aircraft Cargo Handling System (CHS) and rapid dispersant loading using Ayles Fernie designed Ground Support Equipment (GSE), the NIMBUS C295 system can be ready to fly within 2 hours and turned around within 45 minutes by trained crews.

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  • Modular Design for Easy Installation and Transportation
  • Designed and Developed with Airbus Defence & Space
  • 3 Tank Installation with 6000 litre Capacity
  • Installed on standard Cargo Handling System
  • Pressure or Gravity Fill
  • Light Weight 2000 litre Capacity Tanks
  • Ramp Mounted Combined Spray Arm/Pump Module
  • Retractable Spray Arms
  • Utilises Aircraft 3-Phase Electrical Power
  • Spares and Ground Support Equipment Package
  • Flight Crew, NIMBUS Operator and Ground Crew Training
  • Component Qualification to RTCA 160

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Technical Specification


Dispersant Capacity: 6000 litres (1584 USG)
Flow Rate: At Least 600 LPM (158 USG/min)
Effective Swath 10 m (33ft)
Applicaton Rate: 50 - 150 Litres/Hectare (5 - 15 USG/Acre)
Area Treatment rate: Approx 2.6 km2/hr (1 sq. mile/hr) @ 140 kts

Tank Module

2000 litre Capacity, light-weight aluminium construction with aircraft standard paint finish, gravity fill hatch, vent valve, sight gauge, flow control valve, fork pockets & lifting eyes, inter-tank hoses with dry disconnect couplings, fitted to a 463L pallet with leak containment features.

Spray Arm/Pump Module

Light weight aluminium construction with aircraft standard paint finish and anodised pipework, electrically powered centrifugal pump with control panel, flow control, by-pass, recirc and spray arm valves, retractable spray arms and fork pockets integral pallet with leak containment features.


Operating and Maintenance Manuals.

Quality Control

Manufactured under a BS EN ISO 9001 Quality management System


  • Modular Design for Easy Transportation, Handling & Storage
  • Rapid Installation and Quick Response to Oil Spills
  • Minimal Aircraft Modification Required
  • Easy System Drain Down and Removal to return Aircraft to Normal Operation
  • Benefits from inherent Airbus C295 Aircraft Operational Flexibility

Available Options

Recommended Spares

A comprehensive set of recommended spares can be supplied with each NIMBUS C295 system. Some spares ( motor, pump etc) have a long lead time and it is important to stock these items to avoid disruption of training or real oil spill response activities

Ground Support Equipment (GSE)

To ensure safe and effective storage, handling, operation and maintenance of the NIMBUS C295 system, a comprehensive range of GSE has been produced to meet almost all operational conditions. In addition, customized GSE packages can be provided to suit particular requirements.

Recommended Dispersant

Ayles Fernie will be pleased to recommend dispersants which are suitable for use with the NIMBUS C295 system

Flight Crew & NIMBUS Training

Flight Crew and NIMBUS Crew will require training for the safe and effective operation of the system. This training can be provided on request.