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The NIMBUS system is a UK Patented (GB 2348383) modular aerial dispersant spray system which is designed for operation from aircraft with a rear cargo ramp which can be opened in flight. NIMBUS systems are design and certificated for specific aircraft types and models and the NIMBUS L-382G system is certificated by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Transport Canada for operation from the Lockheed L382G “Hercules” aircraft.  The NIMBUS system, which comprises up to 4 x 3000 litre tank modules and a combined Spray Arm/Pump Module, can be installed and loaded with dispersant in under 2 hours.  The system utilises the aircraft’s electrical power and can be installed in a 3 or 4 tank configuration on the bare floor or on a cargo handling system.

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  • Modular Design for Easy Installation, Transportation and Storage
  • 3 or 4 Tank Installation Options
  • FAA, EASA and TC Supplemental Type Certification
  • Bare Floor or Roller Floor Installation
  • Pressure or Gravity Fill
  • Low Profile, 3000 Litre Tank Modules
  • Ramp Mounted Combined Spray Arm/Pump Module
  • Retractable Spray Arms
  • Utilises Aircraft’s Electrical Power
  • Optional Automated Flow Control with Touch Screen Operation
  • Spares and Ground Support Equipment Packages
  • NIMBUS Operator and Maintenance Courses

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Technical Specification


Dispersant Capacity: Up to 12,000 litres (3170 USG)
Flow Rate: Up to 1300 LPM (343 USG/min)
Effective Swath 15 m (50ft)
Applicaton Rate: 80 - 100+ Litres/Hectare (9 - 10+ USG/Acre)
Area Treatment rate: 10 Km2/hr (4 Sq Miles/hr)

Tank Module

3000 Litre capacity, Stainless Steel, Low Profile Fabrication with Inspection/Gravity Fill Hatch, Level Indicator, Drain & Flow Control valves, Ground Handling Features and Integral 463L Pallet.

Hose Kit

Inter-Tank Hoses with Drain Fittings

Spray Arm/Pump Module

Aluminium Base Frame, Electrically Powered Centrifugal Pump, Recirc Flow Control Valve, Drain & Dump Valves, Retractable Spray Arms, Ground handling Features, Wiring Loom with CB Box and Control Panel.


Installation, Operating & maintenance Manuals

Quality Control

Design & Manufactured under an ISO 9001 Quality Management System. EASA Part 21g Production Approval for system produced for Civil Aircraft.


The NIMBUS L382G has FAA, EASA and Transport Canada Supplemental Type Certification


  • Modular Design for Easy Storage and Transportation
  • Flexible Installation Options – 3 or 4 Tank Fits
  • Minimal Aircraft Modification Required
  • System Design can be Adapted for other Rear Cargo Door Type Aircraft

Available Options

Automated Flow Control with Touch Screen Operation.

The NIMBUS L-382G system can be supplied with an optional flow control system which controls the flow from the tanks in order to maintain the aircraft CG within limits at all times. This option also includes a touch screen control facility which also displays tank levels and other system functions

Recommended Spares Kit

A comprehensive set of spares is supplied with NIMBUS systems. Some spares have very long lead times so it is essential than adequate spares are held to ensure system availability at all times.

Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Package

A comprehensive range of GSE is available with NIMBUS systems. This GSE is essential for the effective operation of the system and includes: Loading Pumps and Hoses, System Trailers, Drain Down Hose Kits etc

Flight Crew and NIMBUS Crew Training Courses

Aircraft Flight Crew and the Rear Crew (Loadmaster and NIMBUS Operators) will need to be trained to Install, Load, Operate, Drain, Remove, Store and Maintain the system safely and effectively. These course are provided by Ayles Fernie

Recommended Dispersant

Ayles Fernie will be pleased to recommend dispersants which are suitable for use with the NIMBUS L-382G system