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AFEDO™ Nozzles

Ayles Fernie AFEDO™ Nozzles are an alternative to conventional oil dispersant application devices. Ideal for use where operational flexibility is important.

AFEDO™ Nozzles are designed for application from “vessels of opportunity” such as Tugs, Offshore Supply Vessels and Workboats. AFEDO™ Nozzles create port and starboard spray plumes in a spray pattern with an even distribution of droplets some 10m to 15m in length.

AFEDO™ Nozzles are mounted via the integrated stainless steel universal clamp to the vessel gunwale or handrail. Simply unclamp and store the AFEDO™ Nozzles when not in use.

More compact than Spray Arms, AFEDO™ Nozzles offer greater flexibility for use on almost any “vessel of opportunity” to apply neat or dilute dispersant.

Compatible with BOATSPRAY, CLEARSPRAY and ECOSPRAY oil dispersant spray systems manufactured by Ayles Fernie.

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  • Even drop-out spray pattern
  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • Compact, lightweight and portable
  • Lower capital cost than conventional dispersant application devices

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Technical Specifications

Application Device

Material:  Marine Grade Aluminium
Installation:  Universal Clamps
Clamp: Stainless Steel
Hoses: 2 No. 5m delivery hoses


Nozzle Size Effective Swath Product Compatibility
AFEDO™ 30 2 x 11m



AFEDO™ 40 2 x 12m



AFEDO™ 50 2 x 14m BOATSPRAY 100
AFEDO™ 75 2 x 16m




  • Lower freight and storage costs
  • Suitable for use across a wide range of vessels
  • No vessel modifications or fittings required
  • Easy to store
  • Fast deployment

Available Options

Set of AFEDO™ Nozzles

with 2 No. 5m delivery hoses supplied in a durable PVC storage bag

Set of AFEDO™ Nozzles and flow control module

with 2 No. 5m delivery hoses supplied in a durable PVC storage bag