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Hand Lances

Hand Lances are designed to be used on land and intertidal areas. They can also be used to clean pontoons, equipment and vessel decks.

Hand Lances are usually supplied as an additional option with AFEDO™ Nozzles or Spray Arms. Hand Lances can be used to apply dispersant to fragmented oil spills on water, but can be used as a stand alone application device.

Hand Lances are trigger operated and fitted with a 360º swivel hose connector to give increased manoeuvrability in restricted spaces. 

65° fan angle outlet nozzles ensure that the appropriate droplet size is spread over a large area to enable efficient area coverage.

10m long delivery hoses allow access to a large area without the need to reposition your dispersant spray system.

Up to 4 Hand Lances can be operated from one dispersant system to apply neat or dilute dispersant.

Compatible with BOATSPRAY and CLEARSPRAY dispersant spray systems manufactured by Ayles Fernie.

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  • Compact and lightweight
  • 65º fan angle outlet nozzle
  • 10m delivery hose
  • 360º swivel hose connector
  • Corrosion resistant materials

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Technical Specifications

Application Device

Material:  Zinc Plated and Brass
Nozzle:  65° fan angle
Operation: Trigger On/Off Control
Hoses: 10m Delivery Hose
Connector: 360º Rotation



  • Portable
  • Quick set up
  • Manoeuvrable in confined spaces
  • Appropriate droplet size with efficient coverage

Available Options

Additional Hand Lances.

If required for multiple users

Outlet Manifold.

For connecting up to 4 Hand Lances to one oil dispersant spray system

Additional Hoses and connectors.

For greater area coverage