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Spray Arms

Designed for installation on offshore and inshore oil spill response vessels, Spray Arms can be used for both neat and dilute oil dispersant application.

Ayles Fernie supply standard Spray Arms from 3m to 10m in length. Assembled on deck and mounted to the port and starboard sides of the vessel utilising the gunwale or handrail, when not in use they can be removed and stowed.

Retractable Spray Arms are mounted on cantilever support beams that extend from the port and starboard sides of the vessel and are lowered into position.

Spray Arms are supplied with downpipes to ensure that the nozzles are positioned at the optimum 1m to 2m height from the water surface.

The type and number of nozzles is varied depending on the length of the Spray Arms to ensure an even distribution of neat or dilute dispersant.

Compatible with BOATSPRAY and CLEARSPRAY oil dispersant spray systems manufactured by Ayles Fernie.

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  • Manufactured in stainless steel or marine grade aluminium
  • Accurate application of dispersant
  • Easily assembled mast and downpipes
  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • Optimum droplet size
  • Manual or automated operation

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Technical Specifications

Spray Arms

Material:  Aluminium or Stainless Steel
Mast:  2 No. Stainless Steel with Gimbals and topping wires
Hoses: 2 No. 5m Delivery Hoses


Length Effective Swath With WingJet Nozzle
3m 5m 5.5m
4m 6m 7m
6m 8m 9m
8m 10m 11m
10m 12m 13.5m


Retractable Spray Arms

Spray Arm:  De-mountable Marine Grade Aluminium

2 No. Stainless Steel Cantilevered Support Beams

2 No. Drive Roller

2 No. Idler Roller


2 No. Deployment Winches

2 No. Support/Deployment Wire Rope Sets

Hoses: 2 No. 5m delivery hoses


  • Does not require downwind spraying
  • Minimal misting and overspray
  • Even coverage of neat or dilute dispersant
  • Can be demounted and stowed when not in use
  • Minimal vessel modification required
  • Customisable for each vessel

Available Options

WingJet Nozzles.

for extending your Spray Arm swath width

Nozzle Downpipes.

for positioning nozzles at the optimum height above the water surface