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Coastal BoomVane Spray System (CBVS)

In partnership with Swedish BoomVane specialist, Magnus Claeson at ORC, Ayles Fernie played an active role in the development of the Coastal BoomVane dispersant spray system (CBVS).  This system involves the suspension of a Nozzle Hose assembly between the towing vessel and a mast mounted on a Paravane or BoomVane.  This arrangement provides a BoomVane system which can be used for dispersant application or the facility to tow a boom for oil containment and collection.

Ayles Fernie supply the dispersant Pump Unit, Nozzle Hose Assembly and associated lightweight Reel for stowing the Nozzle Hose.  A self-priming pump unit (SEASPRAY) or standard BOATSPRAY pump unit can be supplied for the Coastal Boomvane system. Enquiries about the Coastal BoomVane spray system should be directed to Elastec Amercian Marine at www.elastec.com