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The CLEARSPRAY 100 is designed for operating from small to medium inshore and offshore vessels and produces a maximum output of 100 litres per minute.  CLEARSPRAY 100 has an installed, electric dispersant pump unit which is designed for operation from Tugs, Offshore Supply Vessels, Workboats and other specialised vessels using a variety of application equipment including Spray Arms or AFEDO™ Even Drop-out Nozzles. The system is designed for the application of either concentrated (neat) or diluted dispersant and is available with an extensive range of options as described below.  These options allow the system to be configured to meet specific customer and operational requirements at the most cost effective prices.  The CLEARSPRAY 100 D2F model has ABS product design approval.


Installation in small and medium size vessels (25m – 60m) operating inshore and offshore.

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  • Installed IP55 electric pump unit
  • Neat and dilute dispersant application
  • Compatible with Spray Arms, Retractable Spray Arms and AFEDO™ Nozzles
  • Powder coated mild steel base plate and gunmetal and stainless steel pipework

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Technical Specification

Pump Unit (Neat or Dilute Spraying)

Motive Unit:  IP55, 3-Phase Motor for 50 Hz or 60Hz power supply.
Pump:  Roller Type Positive Displacement Pump with 100 LPM Output.
Pipework: Gunmetal & Stainless Steel.
Eductor: Proportioning type (0-20%)
Frame:  Painted Mild Steel.
Valves (Manual): 1 No. Eductor Shut Off Valve
1 No. Dispersant Control Valve
1 No. Recirc Flow Control Valve
Pressure Relief Valve:  0 to 10Bar.
Pressure Gauge: Dual Scale


  • Reliable and robust pump unit
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Adjustable application rates
  • Neat or dilute spraying up to 30% of total outlet flow
  • Precise application of dispersant with calibrated flow meters

Available Options

Dilute Spraying Option.

Dispersant can be applied in concentrated form ie straight from the drum or diluted in sea water. This option uses an Ayles Fernie designed proportioning eductor to mix dispersant at up to 30% concentration in sea water

Dilute Flow Meter

If the Dilute Option is selected, a Dilute Flow Meter is recommended to indicate the flow of dispersant and to setup the required application rate.

Outlet Flow Meter

In order to set the appropriate flow rate to the application devices ie spray arms or AFEDO™ nozzles, it is recommended that an Outlet Flow Meter is fitted to indicate the outlet flow.

Aluminium Spray Arms

The CS100 pump unit can be operated with 6m or 8m Spray Arms

Nozzle Downpipes

If Spray Arms are used with the CS100 pump unit, it is likely that Nozzle Downpipes will be required to position the nozzles at the correct height above the water surface.

WingJet Nozzles

The Spray Arm “swath width” can be extended by the use of WingJet Nozzles which are fitted at the outboard nozzle position.

AFEDO™ Nozzles

The AFEDO™ Nozzle is a specially designed nozzle which creates an even drop-out spray pattern and provides an effective alternative to spray arms. See the Application Systems and Equipment page on this website for a full description of the AFEDO™ Nozzle.

Recommended Spares

A comprehensive range of spares is available for the pump unit, hand lances, spray arms and the AFEDO™ Nozzle.

Pump Spares

A pump overhaul kit can be supplied which includes all necessary components for repairing a damaged or worn pump

Protective Clothing

We recommend that system operators (particularly when using AFEDO™ nozzles) wear the appropriate protective clothing. This option includes; coveralls, goggles, gloves and respirator.

Oil Dispersant

Ayles Fernie will be pleased to recommend a suitable dispersant.